Sofia, Bulgaria (by Kirill Grekov)

How exciting is this?!
Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.
- Advice to Sylvia Plath, from her mother (via glasmaedchen)

(Source: allmymetaphors, via theflawsofmydesign)

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Sognefjellet, Norway | Olaf Kon
Anonymous asked: "How do you do colour analysis? I can't find a template/tutorial and it's irritating, thanks."

Yo so I made you a template on photoshop and uploaded it here so you can download it, hopefully all the layers will work and stuff so I’d suggest colouring and sharpening your screencap and cutting it down to 348 x 200 px (sorry that’s so specific, it was just the size I ended up using on mine) then replacing the “rectangle 1” layer on the template with your cap. The other layers you should just be able to edit with the eyedropper tool and the text can be changed too!! But this is the first time I’ve made a psd so I’m not sure if it works, so please message me again if it doesn’t and I’ll try and sort it!! Apart from that, have fun and message me if you have any questions!!

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